August 01, 2008

Taking Hurricane Haven Inside the Salty Dog Saloon

After my friend Melissa returned from their South Texas vacation during a freakin' hurricane, I was absolutely shocked that all 23 family members on the trip were more protective of their time together, drinking margaritas by the sea, mamacita, then heading north to safe harbors of Oklahoma.
As Melissa explained where they took "shelter," she giggled as I muttered, "What choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
Read the following blog, written by Monsoon Melissa, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Before you do though, here's a brief transcript of our conversation that lead to the blog.

me: So, during the height of the hurricane you went to the bar?
Melissa: Umm....yes, I've been trying to get someone to go into the Salty Dog with me on each trip we've taken down there, but no one ever would.
me: But, you finally got someone to take you up on it during Hurricane Dolly.
Melissa: Yup, it was awesome. We didn't have anything else to do.
me: Except, I don't know, take shelter.
Melissa: We really weren't that worried about it. Plus, they had The Weather Channel on at the bar. We figured the people on the news were worried enough for all of us.

Yes, she seriously said that, "They had The Weather Channel on at the bar."
You know I'm a nervous nancy, so even hearing this story makes me a little antsy. But, I have to admit, I laughed my ass off at the thought of my friend, who makes her living in a very proper professional field I might add, holed up at some hole in the wall with a hurricane raging outside its doors.

By Melissa Kilhoffer

Well, I am not usually a blogger, but my friend Shonda tells me I must write about this trip, I'm not sure if it is the 23 family members traveling together on a vacation, or the fact that we risked being stuck in a hurricane to stay there that she finds so amusing.

Planning our trip to Port A:

Well, here goes. Anyone that knows my husbands family knows how close they are. We all live together in a little village known as "Sandersville" south of Carter. This year Brian's grandpa was planning a trip to Port Aransas. (My family had been once this summer all ready, we love this place!) Leroy is a wonderful man, and he loves to have his family all together. Being the sweetheart that he is, he ended up inviting all of his children on this adventure. My mother-in-law didn't want to go because none of her grandkids would be there! HINT! HINT! Brian was going to be working but what the hell, me and the boys agreed to go. A week before we left my sister in law, Landy also decided to load up her to kids as well. So off we go, all 23 of us!

Sandersville heads South:

The drive was a long one, 11 hours total. The kids were good, but I was sure glad to smell the salt water! The first day we were there I heard it. "There is a hurricane headed toward the gulf, should be here Wednesday." Great! We will be here Wednesday. Being from Western Oklahoma I never really take storms seriously, so I ignored the talk of a storm brewing. Sunday and Monday were beautiful. Tuesday was nice to, but windy. Towards the end of the day, it was very windy, and what used to be the parking lot on the beach was underwater. Sand was flying through the air pelting my skin like nails. Crap! I guess they were right. Texas meteorologist must be more accurate than Oklahoma's. Landy and I were not going to let this get us down! We were going to have fun NO MATTER WHAT!

Salty Dog Experience:

In my other two trips to Port A. I always wanted to go to this bar called the Salty Dog Saloon. Before I had never had a babysitter, or someone willing to go with me, but this time I had both! After we tucked the kids to bed and left Nana and Papa to watch over them, we made our way to the Salty Dog! There was not a big crowd, I don't know if it was because of the impending hurricane, or the fact it was midnight on a Tuesday. Right away two locals about twice my age found there way to Landy and me. They were as persistent as they were drunk! The first one kept his face about 3 inches away from mine, and every time I would make the mistake of making eye contact with him he would ask "Are you mad?" I'm sure it was my look on my face that gave him this idea (those who know me, know the look). Landy's hopeful suitor just kept saying "I'm Nate Baby" over and over. Finally the bartender came to our rescue, and sent over her boyfriend to save us. After our new "friends" left, we met, a surfer chick, who couldn't wait for the hurricane to come, "they bring the best waves" she told us. Although the weather was on the TV no one seemed to care that the hurricane was moving closer and closer. We danced, played darts, and left our names on the wall of my new favorite bar, but it was now 2:30, so we had to go home. My mother-in-law was up waiting for us, worried that we had fell victim to some crazy locals. Not quite, thanks to the bartenders sweet boyfriend.

The best cure for a hangover is a tattoo???

Landy and I had talked of getting tattoos on the trip. Sure you can get one in Oklahoma, but whats the fun in that? We set out on the island, hungover and ready to get inked! All the tattoo shops were closed. Dang it Dolly! Why was everyone taking this hurricane so seriously!! Landy had an idea. We went next door and asked the people if they knew the tattoo guy. They did and they called him. What do ya know, he agreed to come and tattoo us! So here we were, in the middle of a hurricane getting tattoos!

Hurricane Dolly:

We weren't actually in the eye of the storm, but hopefully this is the closest that I will ever be to an actually hurricane, and after 2 days in the wind and rain it was time for us to say GOODBYE DOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

In a bar during a hurricane...sounds good...gulp...I think.

Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Hurricanes and tornados don't hurt bars I tell you!!

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