August 23, 2008

Momma Needs A New Design!

So this week, the fabulous ladies at BlogMommas, particularly the blog designer Burg, are having the best contest I've found thus far on the web. What is it, you ask? A BLOG DESIGN, top to bottom blog design. In order to win, an enterant must write 5 reasons I must be the lucky person awarded the design. According to the blog, the winner will be picked on Monday "based on creativity and general neediness, LOL!!! Seriously, Burg and I will read every single entry and we’ll pick the best."
Now, I don't know much it will help for you, Readers, to pursuade these ladies, but I don't think it could hurt, either. SO, here goes nothing/

1. I'm a tight ass, so if it's free, I always want it.

2. Because I know someday this blog will further my quest for world domination.

3. This contest is being decided one day before my birthday, just one tiny little day. I think that in itself should qualify me.

4. I'm totally HTML retarded. Plus, I hate this layout. It's cluttered and uneven, but when I think about changing it, my throat closes up.

5. I looked through some of Burg's other designs and she's freakin' brilliant! BRILLIANT! So, I just want it.

6. (This bitch is a bonus, ya'll) Because I'm awesome.

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Anonymous said...

How do we help? Should we go comment on their blog?

Shonda Little said...

Well, going there to comment on my deserving brilliance probably wouldn't hurt, but I'm sure leaving it here will suffice. They going to read over each list and I would imagine the comments as well.
Thanks! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

OK, cool--hey BlogMammas--PICK SHONDA!! We love her and want her to get FREE STUFF!!

Anonymous said...

Did you leave them a link via comment on there page??? Just askin cause i think you shoulda won and i didnt see your post...

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