August 18, 2008

Denise Richards: It's Not Complicated, It's Canceled!

Well, Readers, reality television took swing towards class this week. According to Star magazine, the desperate bid for self-promotion and stardom in Denise Richards: It's Complicated has come to an end just a few months after it's beginning. I think Denise is a soulless harpy willing to exploit anything, including her children, for fame. Clearly she's sucked so much money off poor Charlie that he can't even afford decent hair plugs. Not long ago, she accused Charlie of making unwanted advances and then later admitted that she simply made these charges up to make his new wife jealous. You know I like my reality television skanky. I'll take Rock of Love over Extreme Home Makeover any day of the week, but even this tacky TV genre has to draw a line in the sand. So, catch on the flip side, Denise!
My guess is she'll fire up her treacherous fingers and author some barely legible expose on marriage to my favorite man boy Charlie Sheen. Of course two weeks after the book hits print and the checks clear, she'll reluctantly reveal that half of it's wildly fictional bullshit. Naturally, as much as I detest Denise, I will purchase two copies to provide my sons with a cautionary tale of mindless sex through years of competitive partying. You don't want to be shackled to Denise Richards, do you boys?
But, until then, let's all take a minute to enjoy the break from America's hooker turned housewife. Oh, and by housewife I mean out-of-work actress pawning her meal ticket daughters off on a random team of nannies, unless the cameras are rolling, in which case the little money makers are front and present.

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Pam said...

i really hate that biotch..never watched that show either. like nothing is ever HER fault in the whole thing w charlie.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Denise is pathetic. What's wrong with her?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that bitch needs to have her head examined.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I will miss her dad, though. Ah well..I'll just keep my fingers crossed for a second season of I LOVE MONEY.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. Every moment of that show felt so contrived and pre-planned!

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