August 25, 2008

An Ass Whoppin' You Can Take to the Bank: Pollyester Kotton For President.

Until this week, I thought I was an Obama Momma. Turns out, by Golly, I want Polly....ester Kotton that is.
This little gem stars an Elk City native who will remain nameless for the time being. Now, if you are an Oklahoman, you will recognize the names as local township, which only made me giggle more.

I don't know who I'm going to vote for in this president erection. Yes, I said erection 'cause somebody's gonna get screwed. --Pollyester Kotton

An Ass Whoppin' You Can Take to the Bank. --Pollyester Kotton

If you are an uptight, stick in the mud, by all means, don't watch the youtube video. However, if you like to giggle so hard you piss your pants a little, please watch. This paints rainbows all over my blues.

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Anonymous said...

A Momma. What a novel idea!

Anonymous said...

OH I love that, because I'm pretty dang positive I know who that is, lol.

Lorrie Veasey said...

This is the scientific way to come up with your drag queen name.

You take the name of your first pet ever and the name of the first street you ever lived on. I am Pippi SweetBriar. How about you?

Shonda Little said...

Suzy B

Anonymous said...

Yeppers, I was right. He told me about her the last time he cut and colored my hair when I was home, lol. He's a hoot!

Anonymous said...

I'm Moses Blackburn... thoughts? A little creepy?

Thanks, Lorrie.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I did peep a little!

Rivetergirl said...

No lie, I have a great, great aunt named ... wait for it ... Polly Ester Valentine.

Of course, this was long before the invention of the plastic fabric, but I still think it's the most awesome name ever.

Oh and Happy Birthday to you!!

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant person!!! I need to know who it is! He/She, I think it's a he, is so amazing! I went to youtube and watched all of the other videos, too. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

that's some funny shit

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