August 01, 2008

Bedroom Invasion

Rowdy and I have been slowly transitioning Ridge into the twin bed in his room, something we should've done long ago. But, here's the thing: we kinda like him nestled in between us each night, his small feet sandwiched within mine. Sure, at times the cramped bed makes for a grumpy momma and, since I'm already labeled a "hand full," our household community seeks to minimize anything that might trigger extreme wiseassness or bitchiness from yours truly. And any interruptions of in between the sheets activity, albeit siestas or other business I'm far too ladylike to detail here, is at the bloody top of that list. But, still, I didn't mind the kid slumbering in our bed. In fact, he looks like a perfect angel, resting there in fancy sheets he's far too young to properly appreciate, and the tantrums and messes of the day melt into the forgotten. That serene image, without a doubt, has probably restrained me from ringing his darling neck once or twice.
With that said, his father evicted Ridge from our room this week, thus banishing him to the rickety twin that's parked in the corner of his room. Well, actually it's a pretty good quality bed, but in comparison to my beloved Sleep Number knock-off, it might as well be some stained gurney on a shitty Baghdad side road.
While Rowdy's been the ultimate hard ass on this deal, the doe-eyed pleas to come to our bed have plucked my heart strings. So, if my darling boy is having a little trouble one night, I'll lay down in his bed FOR A MINUTE. His days are normally filled with checking dusty cattle in rolling Oklahoma prairies or fighting epic battles with invisible blue monsters, so he's asleep fast. It's hard work being a cowboy and monster slayer.
I snuck in past midnight this evening. Photographing the wedding of Patsy Baird and Frank Sullivan has me burning my midnight oils. On my weary drive home from Elk City, I could feel the restful slumber already. But, now I'm here and far too excited to see what gems my camera captured. I'll likely be up for another hour.
The house was as lifeless as a hallowed cave when I came in and, low and behold, Ridge is in his own bed. If I would have known relocated him to his own bed would be this simple, we'd have done it long ago.


Mayberry said...

But will he STAY there, that is the question!

(I hope so)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Trystan slept with us for 4 years, and still finds his way to our bed in the middle of the night! Bryson slept in his bed until just a few months ago and has now decided that our bed is his favorite! and with Trea deploying, I figure I'm going to have a whole year of sharing my bed because I'm too much of a softy to tell them no!

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