August 21, 2008

Self-Defense Class in Cheyenne

Hello Readers,
Below is a repost from a friend of my man's. All the information for tomorrow night's self-defense is listed, as is the phone number for the woman hosting it. I told Rowdy I was thinking about going, but he seems to think I am already well-armed.
He said, "Well, I'm pretty for sure you could drive any kidnapper to abandon any promised ransom when you forged into the second hour of psycho-analysing what childhood event lead to the kidnapper's life of crime."
I was giddy as a school girl. "You think I'm smart enough to psycho-analysis a kidnapper?"
Then for some reason he just stared at me blankly while he shook his head. I'm sure it's hard being married to a genius with jedi mindtricks for cracking the criminally insane.
Anyways, all jokes aside, I think this class could be quite beneficial. Contrary to popular belief, crime isn't restricted to inner cities. A few years ago, an elderly woman was beaten to death in this Mayberry town and the killer(s) still remain at large. Then, a couple years after that, an Elk City woman was abducted outside her job and, using instinct and her cell phone, she was able to fight off her kidnapper. Long story short, living in a small town doesn't insure that you will never be a position to fight off a predator. So, if you are free tonight, attend the class.

Hey everyone,
For those of you who live in the Cheyenne area, I would like you encourage you to attend the free self defense class being held tomorrow night at the CHS Auditorium. For those of you with moms, grandmothers, sisters, friends, etc. in that area, I hope you will pass along the information.

I drove from Stillwater to attend the first class and I'll admit it was mostly because my mom & sister were organizing it. Self defense was not something I wanted to think about, much less learn. The thought of it just made me uncomfortable. I just can't tell you how thankful I am that I went to that first class! Not only is it so informative but it's so much FUN! I walked away from that class with so much more confidence.

I promise you that you will not only learn so much but you will have a great time doing it. We spend so much time and attention ensuring our children's safety, don't we? Take this class and help ensure your own. You will not regret taking the time to do this for yourself.

I'm very disappointed that I can't go to the class tomorrow night but I really hope that some of you will.

Thursday, August 21st, 6:30pm, Cheyenne High School Auditorium.

If you have any questions, just call Miranda at 405-684-7172

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Anonymous said...

Are you going? I am considering it... So, are you gonna' be there?

Unknown said...

Learning self defence is very useful. My sister did about a decade ago and I hope she encourages her daughter

Shonda Little said...

I don't have child care for tonight, Misty. But, they are going to do the class again. So I will MAKE SURE to have it then.

Anonymous said...

Let me know and I am in. It could be kinda' fun!

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