September 01, 2008

Never Let Your Husband Hold the Remote. NEVER!

The only time I ever get to be in charge of the television is when I am the only one home, which isn't that damn often. Our household boasts two -- one in the living room and one in our bedroom. The penis-bearing members of our family run a total racket on our entertainment.
After Rowdy came in last night, I stole the opportunity to fold some laundry, which was wildly overdue by the way, and watch a little tv in the back home. As I dragged one laundry basket into the bedroom, I was excited when I realized one of my favorite movies of all time, Prime, was one. If you've never seen it, it's a must.
Anyways, I've seen this flick enough times to know what happens next and I was right at the end, the heart-wrenchingly painful end when the channel suddenly changed.
What the hell, right?
Yeah, from the living room, Rowdy had started recording a 40-year-old western in the back room, TV 2 according to the DVR.
By the time I switched it, the movie was over and missed Dave pressing his face against the window to steal a peak of Raffi. It's so real, I feel it in my heart each time.
I stormed up front and gave Rowdy a good tongue-lashing. His response, of course, was that I had seen it before and, thanks to me, he was going to have an missing spot in his western. He then proceeded to tell our 3-year-old that Momma didn't want him to get to see his movie. Ridge cried. I cusses. Rowdy got to watch his dumb show. Asshole.

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Pam said...

you're husband shoulda never told your boy that. why is it they gotta blame someone, usually the wife/mother, and we always end up looking like the bad guy??

Anonymous said...

I leave the room if Ronnie tries to watch what he wants. He has the basement DVR and is not allowed to program the upstairs one. He might be the boss of me, but I have yet to cave on the TV shit. Except at noon, when I have to watch him mentally masturbate to The People's Court.

for a different kind of girl said...

I feel your pain! This is the only reason why I curse the return of the new television season, too. My husband has a total monopoly on the remote and DVR, and is forever canceling out my recordings to make room for his own. I've laid the law down this year and told hiim that, since he's out of town so much, I'm automatically majority rule. I'm pretty sure he's not buying that.

Anonymous said...

That's why when I manage to steal the remote I make the husband watch "Antiques Roadshow" or "What not to Wear." Paybacks are a bitch.

Anonymous said...

LOL--everybody knows the remote is an extension of the penis! They don't know what to do without it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy doing an "Oh well we watched wrestling last night so you're watching John and Kate plus 8--deal with it" I mean, I love tv just as much as him!

cessidee said...

i get to watch my lovely share of 'man cartoons'. I enjoy family guy as much as he does but a marathon of king of the hill for three hours is TOO much.

Anonymous said...

Ugh my hubby lives on that flippin sci-fi channel and records all those weird movies that I hate with a passion. Sometimes there are three shows recording at once and you can't watch anything! Makes me so mad.

Robert E. Morgan, Jr. said...

Its in a man's nature to blame someone. We are just that uninformed. I don't want to tell you how many times I have watched Dirty Dancing, my wifes favorite movie, it took me a while to learn to sit through "her" movie. She in turn has seen "Cool Hand Luke" more than she wants to. But thats the joy of opposing taste.

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