September 07, 2008

As If I Don't Cuss Enough Already

Good Morning, Readers. How are you upon this sunshiny Sunday? All is well here and I'm sure you will be glad to know that my political ramblings are over, well, at least for the time being. Today I am getting back on track, back the reasons you come here in the first place, back to to the ridicules antics of my family and semi-tasteless sex jokes.
Now, as far as good, raunchy fun goes, today might as well be a freakin' holiday. No, this isn't some bullshit orchastrated by the Congress and recognized by the federal government, although it should be. This isn't going to get you out of work. Labor Day, a day set aside for day drinking and barbecues, which is right up my drunken alley, is over.
So, what is so special about today, September 7, 2008? Tune your televisions to HBO, bitches. It's time for the season premiere of Entourage.
I discovered this super cursing, super sexed gem last year during a bout with the flu. Dish Network was running one of those free HBO weekends. Now, when these little promos have come along in the past, we would just go through the tv schedule, record each and every show that we might even somehow possibly think about watching and then tell the satellite company, "Screw you, assholes. We are good for the whole year."
But, on this fateful weekend, HBO also happened to be running an Entourage marathon. Lyndi had tried to get us started on the show before, she even brought one of those full seasons on DVD out, but we resisted, knowing full well that we didn't need another show to hold us captive.
I was weak and sick. My immune system couldn't fight off a sneeze, much less the awesomeness of Vince, Eric, Turtle, Drama and Ari.
I know this is based on a life I typically shun, the affluent, superficial influence of Hollywood. I can't help it, they say the "F" word in all the right places. And, before you email me, I know Jeremy Piven is suppose to be a prick in real life. It's not Jeremy Piven I love, it's Ari Gold. He may be a prick, but he's a funny prick.
So, if you want to talk to me this evening, call before 9. Otherwise, you might get the Entourage Shonda, the one who says stuff like, "Are you motherfuckin' kidding me? I told you not to interrupt me even if George Clooney was here to slap my ass."
I doubt I would say that.

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Anonymous said...

Like 6 hours to go. I've had my DVR set for 2 weeks.

oh, and FUCK AMERICA. America sucks. Thank that great sky fairy you all love so much that we have Ari to help us make it through these Orwellian times.

Trolling accomplished. (Insert pic of Bush on ship with the famous banner behind him HERE)

for a different kind of girl said...

I've only seen bits and pieces of Entourage and that irritates the hell out of me. I know I would love this show. I like to curse. I like to think I could tame Jeremy Piven. I like to think this show could make me very happy.

I will be jealous of your time with them tonight!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Entourage but I've heard it's good. I have heard Jeremy Piven is a jerk in real-life I guess that's why he plays a good one on the show! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Piven cracks me up. I think he could stand in front of me and read the phone book and still be funny.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!

Dagny said...

Damnit. Now you make me want to add yet another channel. (I already want to add Showtime so that I can watch "Dexter" all the time.) But no, I will not be swayed. Nope. I'm just going to spend more time around the guys at work. They think it's funny that I curse just as much as they do.

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