September 02, 2008

The (future) Lady's Man

When Ridge was about 2, I purchased a 10-year-old rocking horse at an estate auction. It's one of those totally reckless numbers with the metal frame and rickety springs. I broke my sister's arm when she was about 2 herself on the exact same model. Like freakin' always, she had taken over my fabulous toy and, frustrated with her persistence in playing with it, I grabbed a hold of the tail, keeping the horse in place as Katie flew forward. She was hurt and I was in big trouble.
Like I said, they don't sell these bitches anymore. Anytime a new lady comes over, Ridge mounts is trusty steed and puts on a show. He rides that damn thing so hard that it lifts off the floor and then slams back into it. And, all the while, he is chanting, "Yeeee Hawwww!" As this little flirtatious attention grabber continues, I look at his father and roll my eyes. Up until I tricked Rowdy into marrying me, he was quite the lady's man. Ridge's eyes light up when he notices the female visitor watching him and I know exactly where he got this.
So, on our way home from Rainbow Lane this afternoon, another symptom of his future Don Juan DeMarco-ness veered its charming head.

ME: What did you do at school today?
RIDGE: Oh, we learned about the farms and I played with my friends.
ME: Who are your friends? What are their names?
RIDGE: Ummmm......
ME: Did you play with Carson?
RIDGE: No, he's a boy.
ME (knowing damn well that Carson is, in fact his friend): You don't play with boys?
RIDGE: No, I like to play with the girls, like Rylee.
ME: Oh really. What do you play with the girls?
RIDGE: I like to chase them and hold their hands.

Then I just shake my head and sigh, knowing just what his teenage years are going to be like. I'm afraid he's going to be a knock off the ole' whore-mongering block. However, unlike Sarah Palin, I won't blindly rely on abstinence-only education. Don't get me wrong, I do NOT want him having sex when he is far too young to understand it, but I also won't completely gamble on the idea that telling him not to do it will totally keep him from it.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, your blogs always leave me smilin'.

Lorrie Veasey said...

LOL- I KNOW THAT HORSE!!! I lost two inches of skin on my left hand when it got caught in one of those springs.

Damn, I loved that horse.

Your son is a stud. Erm.....not literally: not yet anyway.

for a different kind of girl said...

Your son and my son should team up and totally spend all their playground time chasing girls, acting all nonchalant. Mine denies he's a lady's man, but he totally is!

Anonymous said...

Your a very wise Mum. If I ever have kids I hope I can be as good a parent as you are :-)

Hilary said...

Your kidlet sounds fearless. Just don't let his jilted buddy, Carson near the horse. He might hold the tail. ;) Thanks for your visit to my blog.

Angel said...

I had a horse just like that for my daughter!!!! I got it at a garage sale and man, she loved that thing. Ya, they don't male the really good and dangerous toys anymore, do they?

I just read a few past posts and girl, you are funny!!! and your photos!!!!! WOW. got talent.

I will be back....I think I just found a new I need another one! ;)

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