September 09, 2008

Ode To My Allergies

Ode to my allergies,
my snotty, mucus-packed misery,
my achy head,
my eyes are red,
this Sudafed fueled catastrophe.

I'm going to sleep!

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Anonymous said...

My nose is red,
My nose is red,

There's lots of snot inside my head.

I can not bend ooooover.
The pain is so forboooodin'

I may be dead.
I may be dead.

The pain is so bad in my head.

Yeah. I feel your pain. Been raining here all day--my allergies freak out when its wet.

Martie of

PS: Thank you for the message re my dysfunction. I *heart* you

for a different kind of girl said...

In the same boat. I just wish I could sleep!

Anonymous said...

You know I thought I had a cold, but maybe it's just allergies. Boo on Oklahoma!

Anonymous said...

I thought of this upon getting out of bed at 4 this morning with nothing better to do than wipe my traitorous nose. Didn't comment then, I was too busy praising JEeeSus that we hadn't been sucked into a black hole when those scientists-of-the-armageddon turned on the LHC.

I am trying to decide if that is sufficiently off topic or if I need to add something.

We, just in case...We should start eating old people when they die. It worked in Soylent Green. TakeE THAT food crisis.

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