September 23, 2008

The Cloud on the Rainbow

I've always had the uncanny gift of being unable to predict some upcoming calamity. Just like I knew the sitcom Joey would suck and that a George Bush presidency would equate into war, I felt even further confident that Ridge would find himself in hot water periodically at school. In fact, I'm totally dumbfounded that it took a month for him to file into the car rambling about the unfortunate trouble he seemed to find himself in.
The wait is over, my friends. Today was apparently the day. When I picked him up from Mollie's this afternoon, he quickly told me that he made his teacher sad today because he was being a bad boy. I quizzed him further, but the distress from disappointing a respectable adult left his mind spinning in circles, repeating the same sentence over and over. Clearly tarnishing the opinion of Mrs. Fryman is much more heartbreaking to Ridge than say, I don't know, pissing off the woman who incubated him in her body for 75% of a year, gaining 200 pounds and a flame-throwing heartburn in the freakin' process. His lawless rebellions have left me all but blubbering in the corner and he didn't bat an eye. Disappointing Mrs. Fryman, however, made him so distraught that he couldn't even bring himself to tell me the story.
After a few moments of unsuccessful questioning, I decided I should go straight to the source. Mrs. Fryman, who is clearly a saint, told me of the bad day Ridge had. As his mother, the before mentioned incubator for my hellcat spawn, I know that she absolutely watered down the story. He wasn't hurting other children or talking back. He just flat out wasn't minding. During show-and-tell, Ridge tickled another little boy. When Mrs. Fryman asked him to move, he ignored the request and continued his ornery behavior. As she told me of other similar incidents, I thought of the awful mood Ridge woke up in. I knew as he moaned about all the songs he absolutely did NOT want to hear on the way to school that the day would be challenging for me. I just hoped this would all be aimed at me, that he would shuck the stubbornness in the presence of his teachers. Like I said, Mrs. Fryman is a total Earth angel, so she even took the opportunity to say how proud she was of Ridge for telling me that he had gotten in trouble. He had to miss snack time because of his behavior. Because I don't buy candy for the house, I know that stuck out in his mind.
Honestly, I wish the relatively psychic ability allowed me to forecast upcoming positive events, like tomorrow night's lottery numbers or the winner of Monday's football game, but that's just now how my mind rolls. Don't get me wrong, Ridge is a good boy with a compassionate heart. No matter what his brother does, Ridge hates it when he gets in trouble. He loves babies and he worries when he sees someone cry. He is good far more than he is bad. However, when he is bad, he is really bad. He will definitely show you what he's made of, if you know what I mean. I've known since Ridge started school that at some point or another he would test the limits. Today, it turns out, was that day.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my youngest always gets so upset if he disappoints the teacher. It's so sweet they are like that. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Anonymous said...

Ridge was so pissed when he got in the car. He wasn't to the feeling embarrassed part yet, just the "I got ripped" part.

Poor kid. Carson said he'd share his candy with him.

Quit blogging so much you don't have time to talk. Or are you taking Rowdy's advice seriously.

3 days till Vegas for me and Webblings for you! Now who's getting ripped...not me, that's for sure.

dianna said...

Sounds like a true boy~shows character that he was worried about his teacher's feelings for sure.

I have stretch marks that say my girls should care about my feelings but hey, who am I?

phonelady said...

sounds like Ridge had a bad day but tommorow will be better . Kids will be kids and boys will be boys especially . typical boy . I know I raised two sons and they turned out rather well when having me for a mother . I always thought eventually I would mess them up but they turned out pretty good which Ridge will too . Just stick to your guns girl . I am glad that you went to the source because he could not tell you . You are doing a great job just stick to your guns . have a great day .

Anonymous said...

Ridge is a little guy after my own heart. I hate would hate it when I would get in trouble-still do. But that is great that he actually told you he got in trouble!

for a different kind of girl said...

The silver lining is that he feels remorse for his actions and the response it generated. I've been in my kid's classroom before and watched the remorseless battle of wills at play between the teacher and "someone else's child" before, and I don't envy the handful you see that kid becoming for their parents as the years go on.

I still feel bad about accidently stepping on my first grade teacher's foot when I was out of my seat without permission. First grade was a hell of a long time ago for me. I hope his day was better today!

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