July 11, 2008

A Whirlwind Surgery

To all my faithful readers, the most intelligent demographic of the population, I am so sorry for my two day hiatus from blogging. I realize you are probably suffering from Shonda withdrawls. God knows I've been jonesin' for you!
This has been the craziest of weeks or definitely at the top of the list. Tuesday night I held Rolan's poorly planned second birthday party. Originally, I was having it at the Cheyenne Pool, but that fell through so I moved it to the Cheyenne Park. Well, I'll be damned if it didn't start raining, so at the last minute, I frantically called all the people I managed to invite. (If you didn't get the call or email, please note the poorly planned. I'm not kidding. With weddings and family reunions almost every weekend, I couldn't tie down an available day until just a few days before.) I spent the day writing and baking and then baking some more. My sons knocked the one of the cakes on the floor, the little shits, and then devoured it like a pack of starving dogs on some lifeless carcus. Fortunately, my procastination had most Rolan's buddies already busy, so we actually only had two mommas and their kids, equaling four. My mother brought my nephew Gage. The small turnout resulted in a sea of leftover pizza and enough cake and ice cream to kill four diabetics, but it was still a great party. In fact, it went smoother than any other one I've organized and planned since I started having kids and the boys had as much fun as they ever do.
After I came in Tuesday evening, I cracked a beer and relaxed. I thought the madness would be over for the week. Boy, was I wrong! For several months, my mother has been plagued with periodical abdonomen pain and nausea and Wednesday morning turned out to be the culmination of that misery. Her appendix was rupturing and she had to have an emergency surgery to rectify that. Her gall bladder will likely also have to be removed, but the appendix had caused too much infection for it all to be done together. So, while during the party I thought I might should have waited, yesterday I was glad I had it when I did. There is no telling when I could do it now and my mother would have been devastated if I would've hosted one she missed. She is all about being NaNa.
I spent most of my day at the hospital with my mother. When I got there, her pain levels were literally off the chart and being the never-rock-the-boat rug she often is, she wouldn't say a word. The day nurses on her wing at GPRMC, especially Carol, Sheila, Donna and Kelli, were amazing and the nurse who cared for her after the shift change last night, Gina, was also great. Sadly, I can't say the same for the woman who was suppose to be caring for her the night before, but I'm not going to turn this into a rant about some lazy nurse who wants to play doctor. Plus, as upset as I was at her, the other nurses are either Earth Angels or just labored to compensate for that one. Either way, I cannot sing enough acalades about them. I'm sure dealing with me required a pound of patience, too, because I wanted my momma to be comfortable.
After about 10 hours with Mom, I decided to come home. I think my wild hoodlum boys had driven my mother-in-law to a margarita or at least made her desperately need them. I wish I could be at the hospital today, especially because I think Mom is going to be discharged and I would like to be there to take notes for the doctor. But, I have a wedding in Mangum and that's not the kind of gig you can call in sick for. After Ridge's t-ball game in the morning, I plan on spending as much as my day with Mom as I can. She is, by nature, such a busy bee and she cannot relax if her house isn't in some perfect Home and Garden layout.
I'm so thankful for her well-being and all the thoughts and prayers we have received from you guys!
Oh, I am going to blog tonight about that asshole Phil Graham and the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle. I know you are excited about that. There will be cuss words.


Stephanie Dawn said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope Aunt Rhonda gets to feeling better very soon. I love yall and let me know if there is anything yall need.

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