July 24, 2008

Keep the Dream, Young Blood

This poem was written by Ashlyn V. Gary. As you are reading you, I'm sure you will be struck by the emotion and strong command of the language. Well, hold your breath 'cause it gets freakier. This awesome little poet is just 13-years-old. As a writer myself, or at least someone who masquerades as one, I think it is important to encourage the future of literary genius. Trust me, if Ashlyn is this good now, she'll be turning out classics in a decade or two. Let's push her in the right way. So, if you dig it, leave a few comments of encouragement. I hope she continues to contribute not only to my blog, but the written world in general.

PS -- I have a super brilliant, super edgy blog coming tomorrow. Here's a preview: love the gays, hate insane, narsacistic politicans who make comics about themselves. Asshole! Stay tuned.

I want to forgive. I want to forget

But you don't want to

and it hurts to feel that regret


You want that person , to stop numbing the pain

Because when they're through, it will start again.

So all you can do now is wait..

Wait for it to click.

Wait for them to remember that you still love them.

And that we can Re-INTRODUCE them to those lovely little things

That use to make them smile.

When your back, I will tell you your forgiven

Because I love you that much. (not just smitten)

Its hard to live without you,

your one of the best.

Maybe one day if I'm lucky enough ;

I will forget.

Though I'll always remember what i know to be true.

" I'm Everything I am , Because you Love Me"

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