July 05, 2008

Kickin' Ass, by any means necessary

Ridge was still a baby himself when we brought Rolan home, just 18 months himself. He drug Rolan around like a little baby doll, not old enough to realize he could easily harm his little brother, but big enough to understand he had a considerable advantage when it came to fist throwing time.
That worked well for Ridge until Rolan was seasoned a few months past one year. Through rough interaction with his older brother, Rolan learned to defend himself at a much younger age than Ridge did.
Rolan will bite, he'll claw, he'll kick and he will most certainly find some foreign object to use as a size equalizer, if you know what I mean. Ridge can still handle his baby brother if he puts an effort toward the undertaking, but he doesn't really possess the instinct to go for the kill as Rolan does. He continues to dominate the house wide toy cartel, but that doesn't mean Rolan goes down without a ruthless fight.
When I snapped this photograph, the two boys were just playing chase. Although this is typically one of Rolan's favorite interactive games, a toy caught his eye a few moments into it. Two-year-olds aren't world-renowned for their attention span, so you can see how he was distracted. However, his big brother still yearned to play with his younger sibling. He yanked the toy from Rolan, knowing Rolan would speed after him for the bait and the horseplay would resume.
Ridge achieved his goal in that, but it didn't go as gingerly as he had anticipated. So, just as Rolan caught up to him, I clicked the camera's button, thus capturing the brutal, two-fisted pinch that Rolan unleashed.
Like I said, kickin' ass by any means necessary.

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