July 16, 2008

Groggy Froggy

Dr. Ahn scheduled Kate Frogg's operation for this morning, so she checked in at 10. Last Saturday, while attending the chaotic Christmas in July festivities, her hand was broken.
In spite of unlashing witty verbal badgering upon me, she apparently wants her big sister with her before her surgery. The procedure is out patient and won't take long. Nurse Dawn who is now taking care of my family on a regular basis, it seems, shot a dose of some anxiety medicine through Katie's IV and she's sawing logs. I'm sure the procedure will start soon.
Like I said, oddly Katie wants me with her, so I haven't been in Mom's room for almost an hour now. I know everything is fine, but I'm nervous and anxious about being away. As soon as Kate is out of surgery, I will update.

Also, I have some knee slappers coming soon, including some quack bullshit therapy Rowdy makes me perform on him twice daily for his back. I'll just say this, it includes a tooth brush and nail cuticles. Oh, and while it may be old news now, I'm gonna pin a little diddy about that asshole Phil Gramm, a Texas millionaire, and his incendiary statements about this brutal economic environment being in our heads. Well, if I was profiting off of $140 a gallon oil like Ole Phil and his country club campaign contributors, I might think the same thing. Of course, if I was the serving on a presidential campaign of my buddy John I would think it, NOT SAY IT. Yeah, gas prices and fuel prices wouldn't seem like a big deal if the tax payers were footing the bill for us, too. But, as it is, they aren't and Rowdy and I are thinking of selling our kidneys or smuggling Mexican Bam Bam to pay for this year's wheat crop.
Now, you might think that is enough bitching about Phil Gramm, but I really just have too much foul-mouthed material on this asshole to just let it go. And, like Iexplained earlier, Mollie loaned me her laptop for my prolonged hospital visit, so I'm all high tech up in this biznotch now.
But, until my sister is out of surgery and until I have a new update on my mother, I will leave you with this recent quote from Phil the Pill. Even more interesting, Phil Gramm was John McCain's economic adviser. Naturally John wiped his hands of his old congressional pal faster than an illegitimate love child in front of the spouse after Phil declared to laid off auto workers and struggling single parents and farmers and ranchers whose expenses have more than quadrupled while profits have not and restauranteurs who are seeing costs skyrocket and retailers who are forced to either absorb higher fuel prices or lose customers when they pass them on while the entire country is in the middle of the highest rate of home foreclosures ever, YOU ARE PUSSIES! Of course, weathering economic crises such as Fannie May and Freddie Mac's recent meltdown would be easier if you had a lucrative lobbying job like Phil lucked into and where married to a physician. I mean, if Phil had been born to some dirt poor sod farmers and built his success around that then maybe I wouldn't be so offended by his brash statements. But, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and it sure is easier to survive economic down turns when you have a trust fund. Right, Paris? Right, Nicole? And honestly, Phil isn't the economic mastermind he likes to credit himself with being. Sure he has some degrees in the field, but the only real finance legislation he ever wrote was The Commodities Futures Act of 2000, which many economists blame for allowing the ENRON scandal to occur. I wonder if the loyal Enron employees who lost their livlihoods and their entire life savings due to Phil's attempt to secure profits for his wife and her corporate buddies are the same whiners he was referring to. Did I mention that at the time Phil co-sponsored the commodities act that she was on the Board of Directors for ENRON.
Here's part of the Phil Gramm wisdom that has my feathers ruffled.
"You've heard of mental depression; this is a mental recession," Gramm said. He went on: "We have sort of become a nation of whiners."

Well, Katie is snoring away, totally zonked out as they prepare her for surgery.

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