August 29, 2008

18 million cracks in the glass celing and some lady named Sarah Palin slips through

Well, Readers, it looks like we finally have a follow-up to Geraldine Ferrarro, the first and only other woman to be nominated as a vice presidential running mate. John McCain announced Sarah Palin, the 44-year-old Alaska governor who has served only half a term, will be second chair on his ticket.
I wonder if my girl Hillary busted her cell phone against the way when this news broke or if she's happy that the 18 million cracks she just busted in the invisible ceiling has now allowed some lady lumberjack to slip through. (Hey, Sarah calls herself "outdoorsy.")
I was really hoping John would give the veep nod to that dousche Mitt Romney just because we could mop that floor with his plastic-haired, flip flopping ceramic grin.
Sarah's political career really just started, so we don't know a lot about her. On one hand, she seems to be more conservative than McCain on issues such as abortion. That will please his base, but you know, conservatives scare Aunt Shonda.
On the other hand, she recently threatened to kick Exxon Mobile, Chevron, BP and other big oil giants out of her state if they didn't bend to her will. That's not so conservative.
Of course, she's already the focus of an investigative probe from the Alaskan legislature over a personnel case. As you know, I love crocked politicians, so this only warms my heart to her. Sometimes you gotta bend the rules a little, right?
When Hillary left the race, the only thing I liked about it was that the ridicules talking heads on the television, namely those asshole on Faux News, could stop the endless debate over pant suits and their witch doctor inturpretations over just what Hillary was trying to convay by dying her hair. Well, welcome aboard, Sarah. I hope you like fashion because you are about to get to talk ten times more about it than you will about the issues our nation faces.
I'll be an Obama Momma through the end of this deal. I think a four year extension of these poor Bush policies will leave us bankrupted or close to it and likely expanding this war into even more countries that we have possibility of winning in. But, if McCain does happen to win in November, at least we will still seeing history, a history that's been a long time coming.
As my girl Tina Fay said, "Bitch is the new Black."

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Mollie said...

I think we know plenty about this bitch. She is anti-choice. She is pro-ID being taught in schools. Her energy policy? Faux News would like to you believe that she is a maverick--going against big oil--but she is actually in bed with big oil. Ask her husband, employee of British Petroleum, the 3rd largest energy (read:oil) company in the world. She is currently under investigation for firing the Public Safety Commissioner when he was reluctant to fire her ex-brother-in-law, a Highway Patrolman. Gotta love the Republicans and their solid stance on abuse of power. They are consistently for it. Wiretaps, anyone?

This bitch is Cheney with a less evil face.

ammie said...

I dont care what happens, im loving this show!!

anna said...

LOL @ faux news. Did you know they were the only network NOT running coverage of the DNC?

This is a woman who is pro-life (right there she is suspect in my eyes) who has five children and left to go to some political meeting within days of the birth of the last one (I think it was in April).

Shonda Little said...

Well, we would all go to political meetings days after having babies if we had the oil cash to hire nannies, right Anna? This shit is gonna get real.

Romach said...

I was vilified on my blog by Obama supporters because I done posts supporting Hillary! I really liked Hillary. I thought having a female president and a strong woman at that too would have been the best thing ever. I continue to support her and I always will :-)

Shonda Little said...

I'm glad that Hillary has supporters across the blog. She's my girl. It was hard seeing her go, but I'm onboard the Obama train now.

Mary said...

Well, I guess we will get to see how pro-life she truly is now that it is out that her 17 year old daughter is expecting. She is Gov. of the state that is currently being investigated for a Senator that has taken money and a whole house remodel kickback from big oil. His son has already been charged for his role in the matter. The state who wanted to build a bridge to no where island.
She has been in office for less than one term. And if you don't know who BP is asked any roughneck you know who works for H & P.

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