October 10, 2008

Chop Sticks

Ridge watched Lyndi and I eat sushi with chop sticks, his eyes dancing with curiousity as he dropped food into our mouths by lifting it between two thin, wood beams. After he sampled the calamari, which he continues to believe was chicken, I ordered him raspberry ice cream.
Politely, Ridge requested his own chop sticks. He pulled them apart, giggling already with this food gimmick, and then dipped the sticks into the ice cream, stringing it in his mouth as he saw Lyndi and me do with sushi.
Red ice cream dribbles on his chin, he laughed. He dips the sticks back in, more ice cream stringing about the patio.
So, Ridge is become a cultured man of the world.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! We haven't given Mini any chopsticks yet (I think his eye would be put out in about ten seconds) but he is a big fan of sushi. You have to give it to them young, before they know what it is.

Momo said...

Poor baby. You're gonna stunt his growth with all that yuckiness. Where's the chicken McNuggets?? LMAO

Momo said...

PS: I got one of Sweets T-shirts on... "McCain/Palin" Will I be able to sleep at night???

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical. I'm so horrible with chopsticks. I should eat all my meals with them and call it the chopstick diet, I'm sure I would eat less becuase I couldn't get the food in.

phonelady said...

i am so glad your son likes sushi . I could not get my kids to try it . I cannot eat it anymore though cause my dr said something about bacteria causing my blood sugars to rise. so no more sushi . I wish I could get some mini chopsticks as well . delightfull post as usual . thanks for the giggles .

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