October 17, 2008

Awesome By Association

The old rule "Guilt by Association" as been around for a long time. Well, since I already get myself in enough sticky messes all by myself, I don't need any extra trouble. So, instead, I try to seek out friendships that make me awesome by assocation.
Chief among that list is my homegirl Lyndi. (I told you I am going to insert hip hop into my daily life. I really think that's what Cheyenne, Oklahoma has been missing).
Anyways, Lyndi is constantly trying to bring sunshine to the rainy day masses. When I see a homeless man, I give him a ten spot. Hell, if I have a beer with me, I'll just cut out the middle man and give him that.
Lyndi, on the other hand, will volunteer at a shelter or some other completely selfless act. That's what she does.
I like to think of us as just one person. I make up the "bitching about shit that needs to be different" half and she makes up the "doing something to make things" different half. And since I have our friendship arranged that way in my mind, I don't feel bad about all the world changing I'm not doing.
In her typically awesome fashion, Lyndi boarded a plane this week and flew off to the hills of San Francisco to run a half-marathon. While inflicting this level of pain to oneself already makes us ass draggers scratch our heads and wonder why she would spend her vacation sweating and panting rather than laying and drinking, we really get baffled when we realize that she had to raise $3600 for blood cancer research to even be allowed to run in it.
Yes, that's right. She raised a bucket full of money for cancer patients -AND- is running a marathon. She's an overachieving humanitarian, that Lyndi.
So good luck, sister! You are going to run like the wind.

I'm so glad I picked Lyndi as my half person.

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for a different kind of girl said...

Is that actually LAYING and DRINKING we're supposed to be doing on vacations? Damn. I seriously need to go on a vacation!

Anonymous said...

This is the sorta person that makes me feel like crap on a cracker...

martie of http://uncontainedchaos.blogspot.com

Dagny said...

If I can get my ass out of bed Sunday morning, I'll be heading into SF to watch the marathon. Ya know. Gotta support my girl, Zombie Mom, since she's running the half marathon and all. And another blogger I know is running in it as well. I don't run. They run more than enough for me.

And I feel ya on the donation thing. Went to summer school in England years ago. On my way out of the bank, a homeless person asked me for a cigarette. I gave her the rest of my pack along with a book of matches. In England, I had just left the Circle K (Yeah, they have them there.), sipping on my fresh beer when the neighborhood homeless guy asked for some pounds. I asked him if he was planning to buy a drink. When he said, "Yes," I told him he could have the rest of my beer. I mean I just needed it to get to the pub anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have lots of friends like this and they never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

i am HONORED to be your other half. i love you!

Anonymous said...

i am HONORED to be your other half! i love you!

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