October 03, 2008

I Do Not See the Dinosaur, but It Burns My Eyes

You know those photos that popped up all over the country in the 90s, mostly in doctor's offices it seemed, where you stared at the hologram-like solid pictures long enough some random 3D photo would leap out at you. I never liked them. I would lock my eyes in for a seeming eternity until my eyes would burn. Most of the time I never saw the desire effect and, when I did, it kinda freaked me out. And that's the best way to describe my befuddled walk through life. I see things others don't while stumbling blindly by things others do. I laugh at inappropriate times. I don't get offended when I probably should and then subsequently sit around obsessing about incidents that have as much harm as fluttering butterfly wings.
It's kinda rough being a total weirdo.

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Anonymous said...

Ah but it is your uniqueness that makes you special. I also laugh at inappropriate times, like, the harder you fall, the bigger my laugh...it sucks.

for a different kind of girl said...

I can be kinda weird with you if it helps!

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