June 24, 2008

The WALRUS contest

Okay, I have a confession: I simply forgot to draw a name of the winner of last week's contest concerning the towel animal from our cruise. Now, I got some interesting answers and a few of you nailed down exactly what our steward said he intended -- a walrus. A few of you were abstract thinkers like us, as though he and the Carnival Cruiseline may have desired to plant another furry friend subliminally to insure a smiley excursion. You know, the one that will promise a memorable trip and also bears the letters "us" within its name. Like a lotus, pervs. Anyways , I did have a few folks submit walrus, which was the correct answer and we drew the name today. However, I'm not gonna make it that easy. I'm leaving the winner's name as a comment under the original contest post. I think you will have to go two pages back within the older posts. So you, Winner, are due a lunch special and drink at the Hog Trough in Elk City. Their number is 243-4647, so call 'em up so you can plan what special your taste buds are craving.

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