June 27, 2008

Rage Against the Machine(s)

Almost simultaneously, my computer and my cell phone both went into self-destruct mode. And, I have to tell you, it is sending me into a tech-craved rage.
The problems with the computer all started with a shortage of memory and have just trickled into everything else. I did get a new hard drive installed, but a power outrage restricted Kyle from getting all the old files copied. I pretend to know what that means, but I do know it needs to be done. Then somehow this tiny battery came undone, which Kyle tells me is like a million to one odds. I always hit the numbers I don't want to. Then the new hard drive got unplugged and now the mouse periodically just freezes up. I really just want to kick the son of a bitch, but I restrain myself. I know that won't help. Of course, I have rounds and rounds of wedding photographs to burn. That, naturally, is always the case when the computer goes all diva.
Then on top of all that, my cell phone is half-hinged. This, most assuredly, is the result of Rolan's giddy obsession with flipping it opened and closed while greeting non-existent callers on the other end. Now the caller ID won't come up. So, if you call me, leave a message. I'm sure a few brides will call and they'll think I'm some terribly mannered photographer with poor phone etiquette.
It's amazing how all these machines that we either didn't own yet or didn't even effin' exist ten years ago seem so painstakingly impossible to leave without now. Even for one day. I swear, I'm twitching.

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