December 17, 2008

Momma's Boys

Just as I tucked the boys into bed, I got to enjoy the rare pleasure of a television to myself. Rowdy was watching CNBC or The Terminator or some other atrocious bologna that I have no desire to see on the bedroom television, so the living room tube was mine, all mine.
I skimmed through the channels when a brand new show jumped out at me -- Momma's Boys. Although I'm not normally one for reality television, I'm totally down for a train wreck, which is evident in my unfettered affection for Rock of Love.
No more than five minutes into the show, Rowdy comes through the living room to go outside for a smoke.

ROWDY: What are you watching? Is this that new show Momma's Boys?

ME: Ummmm.....why?

ROWDY: Is it?

ME: Yes, why?


ROWDY: Well, I don't really want you to get started watching that show.

ME: Why not?


: I just can't help but think that a show with momma's boys with noisy mothers is going to somehow bite me in the ass.

Immediately, I was overcome with laughter. And, just in case you haven't been as well, perhaps I should tell you that I live approximately 1,000 feet from my mother-in-law. While she is very good to me and my children, I can't help but think that maybe my darling husband feels periodically squeezed between the never-ending nut vault that is constant interaction with both your mother and your wife. I know all you fellas out there are shaking your heads, wondering if Rowdy is on a steady stream of drugs or just likes female nagging.

Then, it turned out, Rowdy's words were almost prophetic. I paused the show while he told me of this con man Madoff and his swindling. I wasn't recording it, it was just paused during this brief conversation when Rowdy's daily crack, Mad Money, kicked my new beloved show off. It was lost forever in DVR outerspace. Naturally, this caused me to start sniping at Rowdy's feet like one of those yappy lap dogs.
What can I say, when he's right, he's right!

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Anonymous said...

Made me smile this post. You two are certainly a pair of love birds. So nice to see :-)

Anonymous said...

Refuse!! I absolutely refuse to watch a show where the prospective MIL gets to be Hitler for her coddled son and some unsuspecting young woman.

Anonymous said...

Take it from me girl, I watch the whole thing and was appalled that ANY network would put That ONE mil on tv. She is a racist biotch in evry since of the would. In one fell swoop, she insulted every black, asian, fat and female on the show. HER son has to marry a white girl. Needless to say even the dumbest of all the girls was totally offended.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any of these shows, but I totally get the wife/MIL thing. Most of the time, it's cool, but occasionally, when they team up... [shudder].


HeatherPride said...

That is so funny! My mom and I were watching The Biggest Loser finale and this show came on right after. We both scoffed at it and declared it stupid right off the bat. Then we turned back later and there was a huge fight going on and we were like, "well, maybe we should give it a try!!" ha!

Kailyn said...

Thank you for reminding me that I meant to watch this lovely little show.

Anonymous said...

I just read your comment over at Barking Mad, and am still laughing about your son peeing on the Christmas tree!!!

Great site! I'll be back to visit soon....

Anonymous said...

I loved the post and love your blog. My first time here. I will be back!!!!!

for a different kind of girl said...

I PRAY you've seen this!

Also, warn Rowdy that you can watch this show online, so no matter what he does, you win! Heh!

No Mercy said...


Lorrie Veasey said...

He loves Mad Money?!? I always feel like Jim is SCREAMING AT ME. Which makes me nervous.

Thank Gawd for Rock of Love Charm School or I'd watch no quality tv.

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