June 12, 2008

Rolan Little, Urchin of Doooommmmm......

Out feeding cattle at Roll a few days ago, Rowdy and Ridge swung into Uncle Jerry's. Jerry's operation boasts a wide convoy of combines and, to Ridge, that is as good as Disneyland. While there, Jerry shared the sad news of his momma cat's recent demise at the hand of a reversing pick-up. Well, Ridge loves all furry animals and country people always need cats to hunt the ever-invading field mice, miserable bastards that they are. So, the kittens were loaded up, adopted out to their new home with the Littles.
Now, I'm sure these two adorable feline ladies were already frightened out of their tiny minds. After all, they could have used a few more weeks on the teet and not only had their chi-chi (Yes, that's what we call 'em) were instantly snuffed out, but they were being toted off by some rough giant named Ridge. Little did the kittens now that Ridge, lifting and petting and dragging, would be a field day in comparison to what was awaiting them at their new home -- Rolan.
Rowdy had tried to tell me about the kittens during a phone conversation we had via cell phones, but considering the reception here in Roger Mill County is such a crackerjack service, I didn't understand a damn word he said. So, when Ridge came strolling in with two baby kittens, one gray and one black, I was kinda shocked. However, my dismay was pale beside Rolan's.
Rolan's been a lover his whole life. Considering my utter contempt for cuddling, I suppose he must've picked this up from Rowdy. Who knows, really? Anyways, hugs and kisses are happiness to Rols. When he saw these two pea-sized babies, almost custom-made for his hands, he was overcome with excitement. I mean, pure and solid to the core excitement. For the first few moments, he stood paralyzed while bellowing a deep, rolling laugh. I've never heard him make this particular sound before. Then he spent the next several hours either squeezing them or freaking out because he wasn't holding them.
And ever since they've arrive at our home, both boys have been obsessed with them. Don't get me wrong, Ridge isn't necessarily a carriage of gentleness, but I'm sure his chest must feel like a spa to the kitties when compared to Rolan. He just loves them so much. It gives a whole new meaning to Love to Death.
So, for their own safety, the kittens are in a semi witness protection program of sorts. In other words, I put them in a box lined with soft woolly blankets far too expensive for a cat hotel and then hide the box at the top of our closet. I close the door and Rolan spends the following 30 minutes desperately searching for them. Eventually he finds a book shelf to clear or a toy tractor to push, but that 30 minutes is a panicked frenzy while it lasts.
The Buddhists believe that the manner in which you live one life determines what life you get the next time around. In other words, if you are good, you gain a better position. If you are bad, well, you get to come back as a kitten at the mercy of Rolan Little, Urchin of Doom.

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Just keep churnin' 'em out don't ya. Frickin' over achiever. And set up your domain name I see...

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