June 20, 2008

Presidential Smackdown

This shit is about to get real, you better believe that. For those of you who follow politics as I do, as though it's March Madness or some other sports grand finales, you know what this means.
One of the great advantages George W. Bush had in the caricature-isque 2004 recount was that he didn't accept federally matched funds, which means that while Gore was totally tapped out and operating basically on volunteer work, Bush and Company could legally throw all the funds they wanted to at the problem. It helped.
Now, to me, this is a ballsy move on Barack's part. It could really pay of, assuming he will be able to raise more than the 84.1 million promised through accepting federal funds as John McCain has. I would say he likely will, by the way. From day one, I've been totally awestruck by Barack's ever-rolling machine. Bill Clinton used to make all political junkies gush, even the ones who hated his politics and policies, because of the charismatic mastermind he was. Let's be serious, he was the son of a drunk and a divorced, poor working-class mother from Hope, Arkansas. By far and large, the vast majority of our presidents have hailed from establishment families, none more than our current president. Hell, George's momma's maiden name is Pierce, as in President Franklin Pierce. He lived in New England until he was well into his adulthood, yet the bulk of the country believes he is from Texas. I've always been amazed by that. SO, back to the point, Bill's ability to break into this otherwise impossible to enter arena and then conquering that biotch has made him a phenomenon to political junkies of both affiliations. However, Barack's just unheard of march to the White House is probably going to unseat Bill from the wizard's chair. So, I don't think it is just insane to think that he could raise 100 million.
Now, here's where it is gonna turn into some WWF Smackdown as opposed to a presidential election. Because John is accepting the funds, he can legally only receive a limit of donations, so those who really want to throw money at his quest for the White House (which is, by the by, how folks get to live in the White House. Don't kid yourself, the same is true of Barack as well), are going to have to donate to these fringe groups. Polls are already showing that in the 16 swing states that voters who are exposed to the emails that have already been largely discredited about Barack are actually having a tendency to vote for him. But, we are still a long ways from November. Every die hard Democrat I know sites the Swift Boaters for John Kerry's 2004 demise. Maybe, I don't know. John McCain knows all about the vicious damage these groups can do to a campaign. Just ask him about the 2000 South Carolina primary he ran against Little George there. Ouch, it was rough. These fringe groups or special interest groups are pretty effective in that they can really trash a candidate and then other candidate can totally distance themselves from the remarks. It's a double threat, man.
I already knew the gloves would be coming off in thisdeal. Hell, they already are, but this only solidifies that. Perhaps what I find more interesting is that Republicans are generally against the federally matched funds, especially when Congress threatens to make them mandatory, which would put a spending cap on ALL candidates. Democrats, we poor folk, are typically all for requiring each candidate to have the same invisible ceiling as far as funding goes. So, this is a total roll reversal.
As far as the GOP goes, I like John. Always have. This is in no way a criticism of him. Moreover, it is just me pointing you to the knowledge that, whether he or Barack want it to, this shit is about to get real.

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