June 29, 2008

New Cat in Town

I have no idea how my house always looks as though Oscar the Grouch has set up a garbage camp squire in my living room , but it does. After cleaning for three hours, it is certainly discouraging for the house to look as though that effort was never made 5 hours later.
With my guys at the house, the big one definitely included, it is difficult to get any cleaning done. So, for that reason, I banished them, all three, from the house this evening so that I might make our home adequate for human in habitation once again, as brief as that might be. I don't really think Rowdy was overexcited about it, but Ridge and Rolan were raring to go.
As soon as the three left, I whipped out the Pledge, Windex, Pine-Sol and that carpet dust that makes your whole house smell like a Downy candle. After 30 minutes, they tried to come back inside, but I ruthlessly kicked them back outdoors.
Now, somewhere in the mix of all this, they found a kitten. An orange, baby kitten. A kitten almost the exact size of Sophie Cat. A perfect replacement for the sister she's been missing. I've yet to investigate what's under the hood, so to speak, but I've named our newest feline addition Suni. She's of a lighter complexion than poor Sadie, the vacuum victim, but I think the two will be a famous pair. On a side note, our border collie Whiskey is already bearing the signs of a man overran by smaller, but domineering women. He's never known the sweet joy of warm milk, so like a cleaver scamp, he sneaks to the bowl to pilfer from his new porchmates.
We don't really know where Suni Girl came from, how she came to be a baby abandoned in a plowed field. We don't know just how long she's been out there, fending for herself. For whatever reason that she came to be alone, however long that may've been, it did give her a few skills her new surrogate sister does not possess. And by that I mean she has the good sense to hastily flee when she even suspects Ridge or especially Rolan are heading out the door. Quickly she's mastered the art of darting under vehicles and is subsequently teaching the craft to Sophie, who was a bit younger when she came to live with us and didn't have the same survival skills.

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