June 17, 2008

Is He Makin' You Crazy

Rowdy left the house at 6 am yesterday and didn't get in until 11 pm. In between cutting wheat at the Woodward Place and checking cattle and keeping a finger on this wild oil-pushed market, he was a busy man. Now, farmers and ranchers are almost always glad to see rain rollin' in, but in this case, it is also buying him a much-earned nap. Now the little banter with Ridge when he came in was pretty funny. I don't know what this says about him, our darling boy, or us, his doting parents. But here it is:
Rowdy comes in and lays down in his Lazy Boy.
Me: Honey, if you are going to take a nap, why don't you go lay down in bed.
Rowdy: ......total silence.
Ridge: Mom, is he makin' you crazy?

I thought that was pretty funny!

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Anonymous said...

to to toooo funny!!!

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