June 13, 2008

Kickin' It Up a Notch!

Okay, well, if you've been here before and you've found your way back (solid evidence that, in spite of what your spouse/mother/teacher says, you are a GENIUS), you probably noticed that things have changed a bit. I'm **trying** to kick it up a notch, as Scotty Word would say. I mean, I do need an avenue to deliver my wit to the world, what a tragedy it would be if you guys missed out on that, but rational tells me I probably need to be displaying some of my wedding photos as well. Currently you can see some of my wedding photography from last year at www.myspace.com/shondalittlephotography. Soon I will be transporting some of them here and I will definitely be uploading photos from recent weddings. Art is, after all, ever-evolving. So, the "Home" tab will be, well, the home for my every day posts. For example, this morning my oldest son Ridge asked me to lay down with me. He just wasn't ready yet to pull himself from his warm flannel sheets. As I laid down beside him, he tooted. He grinned mischievously as his green eyes burst to the size of nickels and he said, "There's a frog in this bed." Now, that in itself was funny enough to make the blog. I mean, what a proud moment for his momma. I blame Rowdy for this and, if you know him, you know why. However, later this afternoon, the "frog in the bed" took a hilarious turn when he killed a frog. Yup, that's right. He killed a frog. He took his fishing pole and thrusting it at the little guy like he was harpooning a whale. That and stories like that will be under the "Home" link. Home for the madness. Home for the funny. Home for the Littles. Get it? "Momma's Kitchen" will have recipes, tips, home stories and disasters and little tidbits like Ridge shoveling cups and cups of flour into a bag of chips. I might throw some scrapbooking stuff no doubt stolen from Mollie in there, but you get the drift. If the old saying "Never Trust a Skinny Cook," holds any truth, you are gonna wanna read that. And then there's the "Complaints & Grievances." I don't think that needs a lot of explanations. It could be anything, like stumping my toe on a toy as I stumble to the bathroom each night to some politician who thinks we are all stupid. Or, it could be grievances. Normally these will be funny posts, or at least I will labor for the humor. Who the hell knows what you will think? But, sometimes I will dip into the serious. I might, for instance, write about the total shock I felt when I found out Tim Russert died. Sure, I never met Tim. I watch him almost every Sunday on Meet the Press, but we've never played a round of golf together. I've never played a round a golf with anyone, but that's beside the point. He's been the host of MTP since 1991, so I've been watching him stare down Washington's movers and shakers all my adult life. But, that's not what me love Tim. He's been voted Father of the Year by several organizations and I've heard many talking heads praise his devotion to his kids. I love good parents especially famous good parents. Like I said, the "Complaints & Grievances" will typically be full of sarcasm, but on random days like today, I might whip out the stoic. Rest in Peace, Tim. Now, if you have already clicked on one of these tabs, you might think you are in some cyberspace twilight zone. You are not. I know you see the same page under that link as the one you were originally on, I just haven't figured out yet how to direct my posts to the appropriate tab. I'm sure after 10-12 frustrating hours of throbbing shoulders and curse words I will master it. Well, master might be a stretch, but I'll get there. If you happen to already have the key to this lock, by all freakin' means, hook me up.

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Anonymous said...

Peace be with you in your ongoing quest for blog perfection. And you're welcome for the hot tip.

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The knee-slappin,' cursin,' GOOD TIMES don't start or end on the front page, so read the older posts! Maybe you missed something. Maybe you forgot. I try to post daily, so read the older posts!
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