July 08, 2008

The Stand By Girl

I've always enjoyed sports to a degree, but I've never understood how people could get mad enough to fight or mourn or be depressed over a game or a team. Well, at least people who didn't have money on the game or a kid or spouse on the team. Of course, I have roosters I love more than others and I certainly want to see all the local teams do well. But, I'm not going to wear a rob for a week solid and drink vodka in my drink because I'm too distraught to deal with the reality of a loss. Okay, I might drink vodka in my coffee, but I'll only be using a sport as a reason.
Unless you live in Oklahoma, Washington State or are just a sports junkie, you might not know that Oklahoma City business man Clay Bennett won his lawsuit and is moving the Seattle Super Sonics to Oklahoma City.
I'm excited about this because it will give us something to do in Oklahoma City. Plus. I enjoyed the free Hornets tickets Pfizer gave us than the bullriding thing. But, if the Sonics should someday leave here, I won't go on a kicking, screaming protest.
Now this super fan of the Seattle teams has continue his passion, even though he now lives in California. I hope this isn't offensive to all your Californians, but that really doesn't seem like a good place for already chemically unbalanced people. If you have your mental health, you'll be fine. But, if you are, for example, a Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan ticking time bomb, this shit will just send you over the edge. Perhaps this is the case with Scottsdale Samson. Who knows?
In this video "Sam," puts a curse on the now Oklahoma City Super Sonics. He freezes it, he runs it over with a bull dozier, he burns it. Unless he owns a equipment rental company or just has this shit laying around, he definitely spent some money to send out the video bad omen.
As the little video starts, the written legend of some Irish curse on ball players or some none sense cascades down the screen. In fact, it even compares what this guy thinks he is going to do to Sonics as baseball's curse of Babe Ruth. Now, I don't want to be petty here, but before all the trading of Babe Ruth, both the Yankees and the Red Sox had actually won championships. And I know that sometime in history the Sonics have been good, but I don't think it has been for a while. Then again, I've done very little research for this, so maybe they've been winning titles season after season.
If they have been bringing home the gold, I have to question even more why the Seattle fans are so bitter. They have about 20 different sites they visit daily to bitch and cuss Oklahoma City and, moreover, Clay Bennett. With all this uproar, you wouldn't think that Seattle has had one of the worst attendance rates in the NBA. You would think that the City of Seattle would have at least tried to meet their agreement to keep the team, but they didn't. It's kinda like your old stand-by girl, the faithful lover who keep on the back burner for years and then are devastated by when she snatched up by a more appreciative suitor. Although they had years to show their undying love to the Sonics and have had more than a year to attempt to get a new venue and up their ticket sales, now that the move is solid, they all LOVE the team. Yup, it's just like the old stand by girl.
The description the poster used for his video is a light-hearted way to say good-bye and as I started watching it, I thought it was kinda funny. It was crazy, but funny. But, then he calls Oklahoma, my home, my land of common sense, a "flat land from hell."
Now I understand this guy is sad. Everyone is when they lose their stand by girl. But, there's no reason to insult the people who are swooping up what you took for granted. I don't know if this guy's ever been out here or not, but if I had to guess, I'd think he's never seen an Oklahoma sunset. Honestly, I hope the fruit loop stays on the West Coast. He'll be in better company. I know a lot of Oklahomans who have a lot of money, but they wouldn't waste it in such a obvious attempt to draw attention to themselves. Beyond that, we just have too much damn work to do. I suppose if this guy and all the other belly achers had spent all this energy on keeping the Sonics, maybe they wouldn't have this to bitch about in the first place.
I know the Sonics have had faithful fans in Seattle and I know losing that must be difficult. I hope their loyalty will follow the team to Oklahoma City.
And to the Sonics, welcome home, baby. You weren't be the stand by girl now.

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