July 21, 2008

Another Mom Update

If your soul could bellow a sigh of relief, that would be the best way to describe my overall demeanor today. I'm still at the hospital with Mom, though I plan to go home for at least a day sometime this afternoon. With Mom's slow, but steady improvement, my desire for the simple presence of my husband and my children can be ignored no longer. Of course, if Mom's progress slipped even a little, I could shuffle that to the side once again. I won't stay home long because each time I leave, it seems to be an unspoken invitation for havoc.
My gratitude for all your concern is paramount. Once again, I have to sing deserving praise to my husband and mother-in-law. They have handled things at home without me even asking so that I can handle things here.
Much to her disappointment, Mom won't be going home for at least two days. Trust me, I can only imagine her eagerness to get home. I haven't had the tube in my nose, which was removed today, or the two surgeries or the freakin' pneumonia, but I'm ready to be free of this place. I compare it to Las Vegas, without the booze or, well, fun. With the exception of beer, everything you need is here. Night or day, you never see the sun or the moon. The light is a low hum.

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