November 14, 2008

You Ain't Hip if You Don't Twitch

After a GREAT deal of effort upon my part, it has finally happened. My "look" is complete.
Now, how did this miracle, a momentous occasion easily comparable to that time Moses parted the Red Sea, come to pass? Truthfully, I'm not quite sure myself. I just know that it appears that I have developed a little eye twitch. Really, I think it is the accessory that my overall look has been lacking. I mean, some women lust after those fancy schmancy Coach purses or the Gucci glasses. Not me, Readers! I want some physical tick that totally airs my neurosis to the otherwise unsuspecting public. To borrow a phrase from my man Dubya, "Mission Accomplished!"
So, if you see me out and my eyeball is jumping around like it's got a Mexican jumping bean stuck behind it, don't fret. It's my new signature move.
What's up now, bitches?

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Pam said...

well then i guess i'm 'hip' on occasion. but really, when that happens i feel like the whole world is staring at my twitching eye lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no eye twitch here. Maybe I need to set about a redesign at my place as well.

Anonymous said...

What's so funny is the fact that my wife just got through complaining about her eye twitching all day long...

Maybe it is all the rage?

Anonymous said...

My eye twitches only when I'm stressed or when I'm extremely tired and sleep deprived. Which means it is twitching all the freakin' time. Botox can cure/fix that... but I want wrinkles smoothed and fat sucked before i get my twitch fixed. But, yeah. twitch on mama!

Martie of

Suzanne said...

Oh, I went through a few nasty spells when my eye twitched all the time and it drove me nuts. The first time was I was in public policy school back in 1998 or so. Once in a while, it happens again. I'm sure that it is very hawt on you.

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