January 17, 2009

Just A Talk Among Friends

Dear One Hour Photo Place,
Hi, How are you today? Me? Well, I'm not well, not well at all. You see, I don't feel like I'm the asshole for assuming that you'd have my photos finished within an hour. That is, after all, directly in the name of your business. It's how you advertise. The three words "One Hour Photo" are displayed all freakin' over your store. Now, because the last four times I've developed with you it has taken at least three hours for you to get my stuff done, I knew when I started uploading my photos that it'd take awhile. I was fine with this. I still had to pack up my scrapbooking supplies and drive the 30 minutes on over to Elk City and then unload my boxes. Sure, the other ladies would have a jump start on me, but I would at least get to hear the sailor talk from a bunch of 30 something mommas. Really, no one does pervy quite like my friends.
Since it was 7 pm when I sent the photos to you, I figured I would run up to your store right before you closed at 10 to pick up my stuff. I mean, that's triple the one hour promise. So, you can imagine my complete and utter fucking shock when you told me that they would not be finished until 1 pm today. Seriously, you open at 8. I realize that I did send almost 200 photos. That's a lot, I get it. But, assuming that you are part of a nation wide chain and that the big dicks in your corporate office are pretty obsessed with the now-elusive profit, I would think you probably have to be equipped to print that much relatively quickly. I mean, "One Hour Photo" is all over your store, surely you would be prepared to handle more than one customer in that hour.
Naturally, I would like to ask you if this is some sort of joke. I don't fucking want to be on Punk'd, Ashton. But, since I know in my heart that you are rather serious, I need you to explain to me how the hell it takes you 8 hours to develop 158 pictures. I sincerely think you should change the name of your service to "One Day Photo." Sure, we crazy old ladies in the scrapbooking posse would all be less inclined to use your business, but I also wouldn't be a big bag of swinging hormones wrapped into a ball of pissed off when I did.
So, even though I wanted to spend my time scrapbooking my family's more recent activities, I guess I will just do some random photos from the early part of last year. Having Christmas done by January would have been awesome, it would have. And, if I would have sent my photos to the OTHER "One Hour Photo" place like Miss Smarty Pants Mollie so wisely did, I'm sure I would have got it done. But, I didn't. Quite ignorantly, I held out faith this, this would the time you got it done in a responsible amount of time.
Suck it, assholes.

Dear One Hour Photo Place (again),
Okay, so maybe I'm the asshole. I don't know why I thought I ordered like 158 photos. Somehow I got that first 1 confused with a 7. My bad. Remember that cluttered mess that was your college professor's desk? Yeah, that's my head.
I'm sure you are a little pissed about all that dry sarcasm in the last letter. Man, I was kind of a dick. You see, I haven't been able to scrapbook the last two times the ladies got together because I was photographing weddings. I still have freakin' t-ball to do from this summer. So, I'm gonna blame my nasty behavior on my motherhood insanity. My boys' books are getting kind of behind and I just can't let them grow up without all the shenanigans being well documented, you know, in case I need to use the whole, "Look at what you boys put me through" to keep my old ass out of a third world nursing home because I don't want to forget a moment.
The young girl who was working last night was not nearly as helpful as you, hard working manager. I'm really sorry that I said I was going to the other place. You know I could never leave you. You guys really do take good care of me and I hope you except my sincere apology. I can't believe you are going to have almost 800 photos done by 11 am. WOW!
So, please, don't suck it. I'll suck it. I'm totally the asshole.

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Michele said...

"wouldn't be a big bag of swinging hormones wrapped into a ball of pissed off when I did." Greatest line EVER!!!

You tell'em;-)

for a different kind of girl said...

For some oddball reason, the last couple times I've used this particular place to print photos, I've sent them online, and then picked them up the next day. About a week later, they'll call me and tell me I Have prints to pick up. Or I'll go in to get my photos and they'll hand me the prints I already picked up a week earlier. Something funky's going on. Based on my brief investigations, I'd say it's the super chatty (with each other) employees, who aren't paying attention to what they should be doing when they're on the clock.

However, I'm a big bag of swinging hormones right now, so take it for what it's worth!

Chandra said...

Holy crap that's allot of pictures! But regardless, it's their JOB, it's what they do.

They should just make exceptions for you since you give them so much business!

Anonymous said...

I recently sent four photos to the one hour photo and in an hour they sent me an email saying my order was ready to pick up. I went over there and the guy said, "that message is automated and even if I was dead on the job it still would be sent out! Your four stupid pictures will be ready in three hours" I was soooooo pissed!

Chris said...

I was standing here with pitchfork & torch in hand... right up until your apology letter. Dammit...

They should just change their name to "whenever the hell we get around to it"

OMG @ noble pig. Did he really say stupid? LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm in with you on this. They're never ready in one hour! I have never received the e-mail telling me that they're finished either!

Michelle said...


You are not the asshole!! They are!!!

It was nice of you to write that apology letter but still.....

Happy Saturday!!!

Casey said...

Nice retraction but I still think they should have it done in an hour, even if it was a shitload of photos. I printed thirty the other day and they weren't ready when I got there an hour and a half later. I had to wait on the manager to find the order and print them, not cool.

Suzanne said...

I'm not sure I've taken 758 photos in my entire life. I'm very impressed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a big fuckup on your part. That's just the kind of shit I do all the time. Constantly apologizing for my own mistakes. These people really need to be able to anticipate my goofs by now...that is if we are to continue to keep doing business together.

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