December 09, 2008

Meet My Demands -- Give Me Christmas NOW!

With Christmas lights sparkling into the darkness all over town and Christmas trees and an army of other holiday decor going up in each and every house Ridge visits, the pending arrival of Santa Claus is consuming his mind. And when I say consume, I mean freakin' absorbing every molecule of his little 4-year-old brain. Let me tell you, Friends, this is leading to a little DRA-MA at the Little Household.
After watching The Polar Express for the second time last night, now a nightly ritual, he emerged from his television haze demanding that we have Christmas then, RIGHT THEN! Not tomorrow, not in 17 days when Christmas was actually marked on the calender, but at that exact moment.
I tried to rationalize with the boy, a feat proven virtually impossible. Man, he's hard-headed. I have NO idea just where he inherited that.
After a solid 30 minutes of what could best be described as a shit fit, Rowdy and I decided to call in the big guns -- SANTA! Of course, Santa just happened to be discussing the naughty or nice list from the my dad's phone. Ridge backed off the "Christmas better happen right effin' now" ledge, although he did mention that he hoped Santa would make a surprise visit during the night.
So, it is with great angst that I report that Christmas is still 16 days away, 16 different potentials for another full-blown protest for the trains Ridge has begged Santa for.
Ohhhhhh.......parenting. Thank God for spiked egg nog.

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Anonymous said...

Since you're part Jew you should incorporate the best part of Hanukkah--that it lasts for DAYS. Start doling out the goodies one by one.

You are such a fun hater. If my present for Ridge were here and the roads not so treacherous I would totally bring it over.

Pam said...

we are having our xmas in 10 days. have to have it early cos girls go to their dad's in vegas on the 22nd. i leave for vegas on the 23rd cos i'm taking a diff airline @ diff airport. gonna visit my oldest & my parents. shoot, i don't know who's more excited, my kids cos they're hoping they get what the asked for. or me, cos i'll just be glad when it's over lol

for a different kind of girl said...

One year I had to put Santa on speed dial and when the kids called him, he finally got testy and told them to back the hell off because he had toys to finish up and oh well, I guess you don't want any, so that makes my (his) job just a little bit easier since they must not want any.

Worked like a charm.

Anonymous said...

i'm with ridge, i want christmas tomorrow!!!!

Unknown said...

Get an elf.

Google "elf on the shelf" but don't waste your time on the whole boxed set.... any old elf will do.

This elf hangs out in your house by day, and while the kids are sleeping, he goes back to the North Pole to report to the Big Guy.

Every morning, he returns and appears in some ridiculously silly spot in your house to spy on the kids for another day. Heck, he could even come back with a note from the Big Guy, or a little sign each day that says "14 more days 'til Xmas!" or something.

I remember four.... it was pretty magical. AND pretty crazy. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

"Man, he's hard-headed. I have NO idea just where he inherited that." The story is delicious, and I truly appreciate the sarcasm. Have you met his mother? :):)

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