January 14, 2009

What If?

This week's Spin Cycle topic is >What if? You know, as in, "What if I had gotten that promotion," or "What if I had gone on the that blind date." It is the never ending question swirling around our minds about the life we could be traveling down if we'd only have taken a different turn.
When I saw this subject on Sprite's blog, I got really excited. After all, for the past several weeks, my mind has been plagued with thoughts of just how great things could have been had only one little tragic misstep happened. I've kept it pushed down deep inside, scared to death that once I let it out, there would be no taking it back. Like a festering splinter, this icky subject has continued to rise to the surface.
Okay, I'm just gonna do this, put it out there quickly, like I am ripping off a Band Aid. Here goes:
What if Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl hadn't slapped the show's writers in the face by declining her Emmy nomination last because she felt she was "not given the material this season to warrant a nomination?"
Whenever she withdrew from the award process last year, I was as shocked and stunned as everyone else. I could just see the team of Grey's writers snapping their fingers as they hissed, "Oh no she di'nt."
But then the show let out for its summer hiatus and we forgot about all the Emmy drama. Well, when I watch the show each week and her character Izzy falls deeper and deeper into what has to be the most ridicules plot line I've ever watch disastrously unfold, I think the writers must not have forgotten it after all.
I mean, seriously, what other fucking explanation could there be for these highly talented writers to create and continue this fiasco? If Izzy were just stumbling all over Seattle Grace talking to a non-existent ghost, I would perhaps think it was a silly notion, but it wouldn't make me consider stop watching the show all together. Really, I could handle that.
No, the part where it goes from being a little misguided to just out and out absurd bullshit is when Izzy and her dearly departed old flame Denny start getting it on. I want to be clear, I think Denny (played by the super fly Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is about as hot as they make 'em. I really wouldn't mind living in a haunted house if he was the one doing the haunting. I'm glad that while the Grey's writers are turning this hit into a third rate soap opera, they are at least improving the scenery. But, even with all Denny's hotness, I do not think this storyline can be saved. They need to have an exorcism and bury this shit once and for all.
So, if you are a Grey's fan and, like me, have been thinking that maybe everyone related to the show has developed some terrible acid addiction that is preventing them from realizing just how fucking insane this entire plot line is, that is the best explanation I've come up with.
I think the Grey's writers were like, "Let's watch you turn down an Emmy you aren't nominated for in the first place, bitch."

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! AMEN WOOT WOOT and all the other atta girl high five type of stuff. I dont watch days of our lives for a reason. Denny needs to GO AWAY!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Woo! Love this! I SO AGREE!!
I had saved up the shows and went from "Ooh! Denny's back!" to "Seriously?" to "No, really, seriously?" to "Just kill the guy already!" You are so linked!

Anonymous said...

Its a programme I have never watched but my sister says I must as she said its great! We have this new channel over here called 'zone romantica' and they are showing all the American soaps etc. 'Days of our lives' and 'The bold and the beautiful' (I think its called) are running on this channel all the time. They have even started running 'North and South' that was made years ago about the American civil war. I think I will have to give 'Greys' a go now too :-)

Chandra said...

You know what it sounds like...Days of Our Lives...Marlena and the exocrism shit...

I stopped watching the show(and I was a HUGE fan at first) when all Meredith could do was pine over McDreamy...and then when she got him, it was never enough. Oh and I loved George! But then the whole gay slur with Isaiah and it even pissed me off more...oh the drama!

Great post though...I thought you were really going to spill the beans at first!

P.S. I will five you the letter "C"...have fun!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I can just hear the writers snickering now....

But SERIOUSLY! The only direction I can see this going is that she falls so deeply in love w/ Karev (Karev? Love HIM? Gross!) that Denny gets banished.

And THAT plotline lacks merit as well. I mean, Karev? Gross!

for a different kind of girl said...

OK, I totally agree with you. This storyline...gah, I have no clue how they are going to end this train wreck, but sweet jesus, I do love to look at Denny, so I need to hold onto that for the next few weeks until he vaporizes!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I love GA and have been watching it from the start, but I do NOT love this storyline. While I do love to drool over the sexy Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the writers seem to be smoking something funky to have come up with the Denny storyline they've presented us with...I think you hit the nail on the head! ;)

Casey said...

Ha. I can't believe she got it on with Dead Denny. He's hot as hell, yes, but he's uhm, dead. You can't really penetrate with what isn't there. Great spin, I agree 100%.

Laura said...

I feel a dream sequence coming on.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen this show....sounds like I haven't missed anything this season!!!

Read my January post called "Getting Ready" for an explanation of the Blogger Butt Smackdown:) Wanna join us??

ashli said...

The rumor is that she has a brain tumor, which is causing hallucinations. However, I really wouldn't know, cause I quit watching about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Sex with a ghost was just too much for me. The writers need to realize they are cutting off their noses to spite there faces. If the terrible writing this season gets the show cancelled, they won't have to worry about Heigle, they'll have to worry about updating resumes!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who fills this way!! I mean shit is his DEAD!! Sex with the a dead guy WTF!! I don't know if there is anyway to save it! But for some reason I will continue to come back every thrusday with hope it that something is going to change!!

Anonymous said...

I think this show has finally "jumped the shark". I'm thrilled that Denny's back, but he's gotta announce his intentions pretty soon, because I'm starting to get bored.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Dead Denny is a punishment to us all. He's dead, let him go to the great beyond already!!! I adored this post!

Michelle said...

Yes i agree dead Denny must go!!!

Didn't Izzy like have sex with Alex while Denny watched??? Ok, i hope i'm not the only one who thought that!????

UGH!!! I am a bit tipsy and i'm not even drinking!!!!

Issa said...

Last night I was thinking, dam this might be the first good episode all season.

I'm not sure I'd want a ghost hanging out all the time, but dam that man is fine. But the whole writing team needs to sit and watch season 1 and see what's missing.

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