January 08, 2009

Turns Out, Candy Cures Everything.

After the last post, I'm sure you thought my posts would take on some consistency here in 2009. Well, guess again, bitches. My keyboard has been on the blink for several days and then, just now, my youngest ran a truck over the top of it and it started working once again. I guess he's magic.
As you all know, our dog Whiskey was killed by a semi-truck last Saturday. Immediately, Rowdy and I wondered how to tell Ridge. At just 2 1/2, Rolan is thankfully still too small to grasp it, so we didn't have to worry about him. Ridge, on the other hand, is right at the cusp of understanding. He has seen death on Barnyard and in those ridicules Westerns Rowdy is constantly watching with him. But, then again, he's 4. There's no way he can totally come to terms with the finality of death.
So, in keeping with my standard "Let's Brush It Under The Rug" life philosophy, we just said nothing until he brought it up. After two days without seeing Whiskey, he realized his friend was absent.
Ridge walked in the house, his face drawn with worry. "Where's Whiskey," he asked his father and me.
We exchanged glances, both wondering what the other was thinking. We'd received advice from several people on how we should approach this. I mean, clearly the whole "He went to live on a farm" classic wouldn't work for us. I've always believed honesty is probably the best route to take, unless of course we are referring to the weight listed on driver's licenses and then I say, "Deny Until You Die."
Anyways, I sat on the couch and Rowdy sat caddy cornered from me in his chair. He looked at Ridge and softly explained that Whiskey had been hit by a truck.
Ridge's eyes grew as large as half dollars as he innocently inquired, "Did he die?"
I shook my head and whispered yes. And just as I was hugging my boy, Rowdy pulled a Starburst candy from his pocket and began unwrapping it. Instantly Ridge spotted that shit.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Elvis!
"Oh....candy!" he belted as he scurried to his dad.
And that's how Ridge learned that Whiskey had died.

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Chandra said...

What a great blog you have here! I'm glad I found it.

It seems our kids are about the same age and well, it seems there are alot of similarities. The Thomas the train sounds so familiar because my oldest went through that phase...I swear he had EVERY train and track and movie that was ever made! I don't even like to think about all the money I wasted on it (thousands I dare say!)

Sorry to hear about Whiskey, that's one reason I don't have pets...how to explain to my kids when something happens to them...a fish dying is bad enough I can't imagine when you loose a dog.

for a different kind of girl said...

The cure all, isn't it? I wish it worked that way as we've become adults, because for real, I'd consider double bagging a Snickers IV right about now!

Laura said...

Your husband is an absolute genius.

Laura said...

Your husband is an absolute genius.

Anonymous said...

Your man is one quick thinker and a great dad!!

Michelle said...

Oh Candy!!!

Yes, that is going to be my new mantra!!!

Thank you!!!

Happy Friday girlie!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Candy/Pastries/Steak/Chicken/hell anything besides veggies is STILL my "cure all"...one hint of ill emotion and I eat to make it better :p. So I am NOT fat, I have just had tons of therapy ;).

I have always been open with my kids about death, they actually seem to be doing really well on grasping the facts of it. When maddies rabbit died they all had to go look and cry together. Then of couse we all had to go bury it.

Arent you glad you got that over with tho? When are you getting another puppy? lol...cause you know you are gonna HAVE to.

Martie said...

Oh, Momma. No Whiskey but a lil candy. Everything is almost right with the world.

Sorry about your loss. I can't find my Earl (kitty). I think Calie let it out of the house. sigh. I need a Milk Way Midnight...

phonelady said...

oh wow so sorry to hear about whiskey . I hope you get another dog soon cause little boys need dogs . lo and behold i was interviewing at a veternary clinic this morning and a cat had died and the people were crying and I started to get tears in my eyes and I got the hell out of there after the interview . see I told you I do lucy and ethel shit all by myself . God I hope the kids do alright with the fact of the death and I hope they dont remember too much . talk to you soon great blog as usual .

Lorrie Veasey said...

I'm gonna save this and use it when I tell them there's no Santa, thanks.

Krissi said...

:) LOL...Well it is good to know your four year old has his priorities in the right order. Candy over death. Smart kid!

Kailyn said...

Sugar does have magical qualities. Deep fried stuff as well.

Casey said...

How sad and hilarious at the same time. I'm glad he was easily comforted and I hope he's still doing ok.

Keely said...

Aw, so sad and sweet. Candy distracts from everything. And if it's SHINY candy? even better.

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