November 20, 2008

Fuel For Fantasies

Well, Readers, today has been a long, chaotic day. I had this whole blog planned out in my mind, but you'll have to somehow park your eager anticipation and sleep through the night. It will be here tomorrow, though.
But, until then, I leave you with this, something to get you by. This is a little convo I had with my brother in law Chad last week. To fully appreciate it, you need to know before hand that this wife Jennifer can definitely be described as straight laced.

CHAD: Holy cow, did you see that gas fell below $2 gallon?

ME: Yeah, I saw that. It's crazy.

CHAD: I thought I'd have a threesome before I saw that shit again.

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Anonymous said...

Oh lordy...lordy.

Pam said...

which i took it to mean NEVER lol your bro-n-law is funny

Anonymous said...

I am THE wife.. and I must say.. a little embarrassed to see this, but still LOL.

Also..Chad was telling a divorced friend of his this.. and he said, "I'd rather have high gas prices!"

Anonymous said...

Now that shit is funny!

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