May 16, 2008

Mud Puddles

From October 2005 to May 2006 was the third driest period in the history of Oklahoma since 1921. However, God poured the sweet blessing of rain upon us last week. Though Ridge didn't realize all this moisture may determine whether or not he might eat next year, he did take note of all the lovely puddles it created in the yard. He spent the entire next day scheming upon a great outdoor escape.
After Rowdy had been home for a few hours that evening, I submerged myself into the ocean of laundry that is our room. When Rowdy went outside for a smoke, Ridge followed. Upon his wee little feet were his new tennis shoes. Now, they weren't a million dollar investment or anything along those lines, but considering the rate that he outgrows them, they might as well be. When I came back to the front of the house, the silence of the living room rang of outdoor mischief. I opened the front door to see Ridge running through a mud puddle and then turning each time to see the red, murky water flying as a result. A huge smile stretched upon his face. Though Rowdy had done nothing to stop him and had probably gave him a soft push in the right direction, he had come inside and got my digital camera. Although Ridge's shoes were new, the pictures were priceless. After I printed them today, I praised my husband. He had given me material for the perfect scrapbook page. Ridge had to be given a sponge bath on the porch before he could bring his mud-soaked body into the house. His shoes had their first toss in the washer. I am sure many will follow before he and his brother are done with them. After all, the Bible says to dance and rejoice for the bounty the Lord has put upon you. Sometimes God's commandments overrule Mom's reservations.

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