October 08, 2008

Shonda + Dancing = Awsomeness

As you know, I'm on a constant quest to prove my awesomeness. It's a scientific process, really. And like all efficient scholars, I have sought evidence to support the theory.
Now, my "process" may be a bit different than other world-renowned scientists. Rather than conducting an experiment persay, documenting the precise findings and then comparing them to another study, my expertise is drawn from google. It goes something like this here:

I open Mozilla Firefox. For my low-tech friends, that's how I surf the internet. It is much, much cooler than that lame-o Internet Explorer you are still using. Seriously, that is sooooo 1999. Why don't you log onto the new millennium and download Mozilla. (That's kind of the tough love my computer guy gave me.)

Anyways, after I wander into the world wide web, then I type the name of whatever I want to learn about in the google search line. About 1,000 years worth of studying pops up, I read part of it and then claim the supreme knowledge for myself.

Last night as I was performing more "research" to support the theory of my awesomeness, I stumbled upon the most solid evidence thus far that the name "Shonda" in itself translates into "pure drops of rockin' radness" or something along those lines.

In my very scientific process, I found this youtube video of a little girl who just happens to, you guessed it, bear the name Shonda. Clearly I'm not now or ever will be as awesome as our young friend, but I think the random coincidence of she and I having the same first name makes me just that much cooler.
So, kick back, my friends, and enjoy the dancing goodness that is Shonda. She obviously got all the coordination and moves alloted for the both of us.

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for a different kind of girl said...

That is pure hella awesome. If I typed in my name there, I'd probably get some chick laying on the couch, telling the camera operater to get away from the TV 'cause she's watching her stories.

Anonymous said...

She's got some awesome moves...gettin' her groove on. Whatevah'!

Dagny said...

Too cute. Now I'm going to have to give it a try.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Ummm. by pure drops of rockin radience did you mean "STONE" because that's what came up when i googled meaning of the name Shonda...but I am on safari Gawd help me, Mozilla seems like too much.....I guess i will have to keep feeding the pterodactyle that is running my computer by cycling a stone wheel ala the flintstones.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god , she could teach other people how to dance including me lol :-) Great video Shonda :-)

Anonymous said...

I think this probably how you danced at the clubs back when you didn't eat and your only sustenance was alcohol.

I read an article today about some computer attacks that can take over your camera and microphone. I just put tape over the camera in my laptop.

Be afraid America. Without fear you are not nearly so easy to manipulate.

phonelady said...

A hoot of a blog as usual . thanks for the laughs everyday shonda . Pure brilliance as always .

Robert E. Morgan, Jr. said...

Hi, my homegirl!

I have just relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Nice to know I am near someone who is as rocking as yourself. Stay tuned, I will be updating my blog soon. But, be patient though the green is not as good as the great northwest. If you know what I mean =)

Anonymous said...

false advertisement is a crime, I was led to believe I would get to see your dancing awesomeness not your name sakes.... you must now include a video or you dancing Shonda!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you...but you're NUTZ. Yeah that's right, nuts with a 'Z'

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