May 16, 2008

I'm Married to a Fruit Loop

Like the other post, this, too, was imported from an old post. Though it is old, it gives good background for who we are.

I met my husband when I was 22. Our affair was like a fast-moving whirlwind -- the form of passion that turns novel into best-sellers and movies into blockbusters. We were married when I was 23, had our first son when I was 24 and recently had our second at the end of my 25th year. Needless to say, life has been in a constant, but wonderful state of transition since that fateful day in April, 2003.
Because I was also breast-feeding our oldest child until he was 12 months old, a month after I got pregnant with Rolan, I have been in some element of reproductivity for 2 1/2 years. Even though my second pregnancy is over now, I am again nursing, which is just an extension of gestation. I love my children with my whole being, but I do think I need to take atleast one year off from both ends. Rolan won't be 1 for almost 10 more months, so for the free time to happen, I need to be not pregnant for 24 more months.
Rowdy and I are rule-benders by nature, so naturally we were affectionate of a physical fame before the six-week check-up. When I did go back to the doc, I was nervous as a cat. However, no news is good news. I wasn't pregnant. When I got home and told Rowdy, his face held the presence of disappointment. He then vocally cofirmed that.
My head tilted like a dog's does when he is looking at his quirky owner. Rowdy then confessed he was hoping I had been accidentally pregnant and, further, that we should use no contraceptive. I feel my head shifted more to the side, my eye brows scrunch toward the center. I look more like the baffled dog. What?
He then proceeds to explain that he had spent his quiet hours in the tractor hearing the names of all three of our boys -- Ridge, Rolan and the not yet conceived -- being announced at future state basketball tournaments in his imagination. He explained that if I got pregnant right now, they would all three be on the same team for two years in a row. I tried to rationalize that we don't know the third one would be a boy and, for that matter, we didn't know that the two we already had would even like basketball. I told him I have different plans.
We talked about baby 3 again today. I thought we would wait until Rolan was 2 to start trying. Rowdy wants them to be two years apart. I don't know what will happen. But, I do know I married a crazy person.

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